Americana Shopping Center Bans Sale of Genocide T-Shirts

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3 Responses

  1. Edgar says:

    This is a spit in our face as Armenians!! I am boycotting that crappy place.

  2. Lin says:

    This makes me regret ever spending so much time with family and friends at the Americana. This makes me as a Glendale resident see the Americana in such a different way now. I don’t think I will be stepping foot at the Americana ever again until they apologize and take responsibility for the way they acted. It is so disgusting how much someones freedom of speech is being stepped all over. I would love to see how they would take action for their speech if this happened to their culture. Makes this family friendly place look disgusting to me now and I’ll make sure other residents hear about this as well.

  3. Anoush says:

    I don’t know what lawyer they contacted but his advice does not make sense, they should contact a reputable high profile lawyer for advice and legal action.
    Where is the rest of the Armenian community, they have a responsibility to follow up with this issue.
    And who are the Americana managers, what is their political belief there are sevaral issues here to be addressed.

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