Armenians Should Counter Azerbaijan’s Pressure on Israel to Deny the Genocide

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  1. The content of this article, as such, is mainly correct or plausible (though it is particularly astonishing to find in it a reference to Azeri “information” sources…)

    In any event, this criticism is founded on the traditional premise that Israel and the Jews are all-powerful, that they are calling all the shots, doing always whatever they want and the way they want it, etc., etc.

    The current reality is fundamentally different.

    For quite some time now, and more and more, the political and economic alliances of Israel are generated by its insecurity, in the various senses of that word.

    Consequently, yes, the position at issue of the Israeli government, against the interests of Armenia and the Armenians, is indeed disappointing, unworthy, and often aggravating.

    But it would be appropriate to understand that Israel is under much more threat than Armenia, in terms of its very existence. Cornered (literally and metaphorically) in an untenable situation, its government is grasping at straws, so to speak, and its relations with Turkey and/or Azerbaijan (same difference) have to be situated in this context.

    It is interesting to note that we are displaying a much more “forgiving” approach towards other governments, notably in the Middle-East – but also in the Western world -, who are acting blatantly against the Armenians interests and in favor of the Turks, without having at all the above-stated “extenuating circumstances” of Israel.

    As for the last sentence of this article, it is downright awkward… Who ever said that, in any scenario, we would accept any concession regarding Artsakh ? Is Artsakh some bargaining chip, for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide ? This reasoning is not helpful at all, from any point of view, and especially not with regard to some…
    misunderstandings between Armenians.


    Haytoug Chamlian, Canada

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