Armenia’s Leaders Continue Capitulating to Azerbaijan

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  1. Veronik Torosyan says:

    Dear Sassounian I just finished reading your interview with Mr. Petrous Manoukyan . Sadly and disappointingly it seems you also ( like many people who genuinely like to take the mantle of Armenian intellectuals tittle and enlighten Armenia people ) fail to do so resoundly . Mr. Sassounian why is it so difficult to accept and to come to term with these facts A) Armenian nation ( that including Armenian governments of last 30 years, Armenian institution ie Army, foreign office, and diaspora ) did not built the necessary block of ” nation building ” .B) We liberated ( occupied as confirmed by UN and international communities ) 20% of Azerbaijan ( minus Artsakh) , then our past government stablished authoritarian regimes and looted the country’s wealth so much that other countries (US, France, UK ) are confiscating former governments official’s looted investment and left Artsakh and it’s population at the mercy of our enemies. Why you can not come to term ( based on your description Armenian people , specially those one in coma ) . in November 9th.we got what was an obvious outcome and keep confusing irresponsibly our fellow Armenian that any part of Artsakh can be claimed by Armenia. The only issue at the moment is Armenian living in Artsakh to be protected physically and hopefully culture , the international community headed by EU and US will not support any other claims. It is very misleading and it endangers the security of Armenia to blame anybody ( such as present government and it’s members ) . It is the. Armenian nation in Armenia and world wide that has has failed and is continuing to fail. My be us the Armenian do not feel the need for statehood (I utter this words , due to my acceptance of my past counterfeit behaviour in respect to Armenia , I hope very much that I was in very small minority of Armenian nation )

    • CA_Courier says:

      I am really confused by your confusing comments. I agree that all of Armenia’s leaders mismanaged Armenia and Artsakh. However, the former leaders are no longer in charge. We now have someone who is completely incompetent to run a country. Believe me, I know what I am talking about. I met Pashinyan and talked to him for one hour. It became very clear to me that we are dealing with a completely unqualified person. Have you ever met him? Have you talked to him? I don’t think so. Therefore, you have to take my word for it. Who told you that I am excusing the former leaders? I know the former leaders much better than you. I have severely criticized all of the former leaders while they were in office. Regarding your defeatist comments about Artsakh, you must be in a fantasy world, like Pashinyan, to think that Artsakh Armenians can live under Azerbaijan’s brutal dictatorial rule. They will all be killed within 24 hours coming under Azeri rule. I don’t know what you mean by your “counterfeit behavior in respect to Armenia.” That doesn’t sound too good for you, even though I appreciate your honesty.

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