‘Global Armenian Summit’ Divides Armenians, While Pretending to Unify Them

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4 Responses

  1. Garnik Torosyan says:

    Dear Mr.Sasunian , your article describing faults of Armenian government, looking from your specific observation angle, boycotting of Armenian church leaders, who never raised a question about Armenian leaderships of Kocharian and Sarkisyan and ARF who is at this moment of the time is mobilising all it’s different offices and it’s staff to actively stop this pan Armenian gathering to become an effective platform, Once more The Armenian history proves we do not deserve an Armenian state hood. I would say your action, same as our church action and ARF action does nothing except weakening of Armenian nation building process. Your actions ( including church and ARF ) is a carbon copy of Greek elite of Constantinople before entering of Mehmmet II , I hope every Armenian will do it’s share of responsibilities to make sure Armenia is not going to be another Constantinople

    • CA_Courier says:

      I completely disagree. You are the one who is allowing Armenia to self-destruct by closing your eyes and your mouth while the country is at the precipice. What you are doing is unpatriotic. For your information, for years I have criticized much much more harshly Levon, Serzh and Kocharian sitting in front of them at the presidential palace.

  2. Orhan Tan says:

    Hello Mr Sassounian, Would you like to share that article with the Turkish readers of Turkish News web site? Regards,

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