Human Tragedy in Karabagh

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  1. David says:

    It is gratifying to hear Ambassador Evans acknowledge that the April war was started by Azerbaijan. He is correct, of course.

    The Armenian posture is purely defensive. Armenians seek only to hold onto what they have.

    I also commend Ambassador Evans for saying that it is essential that the Artsakh authorities be brought directly into the negotiations. Hopefully, the US State Department and the OSCE Minsk Group are listening to his advice instead of kowtowing to the demands of the dictator in Baku.

    As for Azerbaijan’s goals: it aims to conquer Artsakh and drive out the Armenians.

    The OSCE must realize that Armenians are not going to let that happen. No peace deal can be struck that would expose Artsakh to even the slightest risk. There is not going to be another genocide, at least not an Armenian genocide.

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