Pan-Armenian Declaration Reveals Plans for Legal Claims Against Turkey

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3 Responses

  1. Humans… Feel with us …
    See what savages done to us …
    Use your few humane Astrocytes … some of Cardiocytes …
    Just feel with Us …
    New Barbaric-Turkish ISIS arrived
    To repeat once again to kill this times other innocents
    from every religion… every sect …!
    The history is repeating it self
    Genocide after Genocide
    Recognize Ottoman’s crimes…The Armenian Genocide
    And every crime committed by savage hands!

    Dr. Sylva Portoian
    February 4, 2015
    Written Instantly after staring on this portrait, that shows heaps of Armenians innocent skulls in Der- Zor Desert… now occupied by ISIS…

  2. Narek says:

    Mr. Sassounian, I’m writing from Armenia. Whether you’d publish the comment or not, I must have my say here: the diaspora by no means should put their trust in oligarchs in Armenia. It is no good for Armenians in and outside our motherland. One can write a hundred of declarations on repressive, corrupt Armenian government. Keep them away from the Armenian Genocide issues- as they don’t condemn misdeeds unless they have seen it.

    • Edgar says:

      Well said Mr. Sassouian!! Narek keep your opinions to your self. We know we don’t have perfect democracy in Armenia, that does not going to stop us looking at the future in positive.

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