Remnants of an Old Armenian Village Near Ankara

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4 Responses

  1. orhan tan says:

    Mr. Sassounian, you say “Due to the Genocide and deportation of Armenians by Ottoman Turkey, many Stanoz residents were either killed or fled the area leaving the village as a ghost town.” Who (Argun or you) owns this statement? You know very well that you are not authorized to say genocide. In order to say that word you need courage to go to international courts. Your knowledge in history seems not efficient. Why you use “deportation” instead of “relocation” (tehcir)? Ottoman Government, relocated Armenians temporaryly within its territory, not deported them to any foreign country. Another reality is Ankara province was out of relocation. There was not any battle there between the Turks and Armenians. You methodically distort the realities and follow the Goebbels’ policy. Thank you in advance if you publish my comment since you promised me you will publish if the comments are kind enough.

    • CA_Courier says:

      Your comments are not kind. They are lies. You don’t even know the meaning of genocide. Relocation, if it creates conditions of death, is genocide. Read and learn before you open your big mouth.

  2. My family was from Stanoz, the priest Khoren Daghlian was my very grand-father, I have photos & documents I can share, ant sommes pieces of a book on Stanoz writing by survivors inhabitants ( numérise) I write a book about their history during the genocide, I can share it too in PDF .

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