‘Statement’ on Artsakh War by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Russia Should be Rejected

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2 Responses

  1. Simon Gabriel says:

    Dear Mr. Sassounian,
    I read your article with great interest but I am wondering if Pashinian had the 3 weeks that took you to come up with your very valid points, what would the “Statement” have looked like. When you lose a war you cannot dictate anything period. It is like negotiating with a gun pointed to your head. They were losing young soldiers by the minute. He had no choice. We are a tiny nation that no one really cares about. How can we afford modern advanced weapons? We can’t feed the hungry in Armenia let alone buying weapons; with what money?
    The Armenians lost a great opportunity in the past when they could have negotiated a permanent settlement by giving some land back to Azerbaijan. This is nothing new as right after World War 1, the Turks out negotiated us and we ended up with a land locked land. We are hard workers but bad strategists.
    Finally, I wish Armenia listens to your advice about making Artsakh part of Armenia, that way the pact with Russia will cover Artsakh automatically since it will be Armenia.

    • CA_Courier says:

      You are correct. A competent leader would not let the situation to get to a dead end. One has to act before getting into an impossible situation.

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