Trump Does not have the Guts To Call it ‘Armenian Genocide’

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  1. Mr sasoonian you are dead vrong his going to bee elected 10 time as needet but your lier democrats going to elect vomeniais sleepi men his never going to elected

  2. basoy says:

    On the contrary, Trump had the gut to call it “Med Yeghern” instead of “genocide” for the latter is a “precisely” legal term for what the “Armenian Genocide” does not qualify. Indeed, this is clearly underlined i.a. by the EHRC’s verdicts of 2013 and 2015 on Perincek vs. Switzerland case. Trumps’s advisers should have rightly informed him about the difference between mere allegations or the declarations of a late famous cinema-star- president and the truth: In the case of any genocide, it must be established by a competent national or international court.
    Same appraisal was made by the Belgian Parlamient’s law enacted in April 2019 on the occasion of proclaming the Rwanda and Srebrenica excluding the Armenian allegations- G.
    If Armenia and its diaspora wish their “med “Yaghern” be defined and recognized as a valid genocide, a court decision is “sine quo non” from one of the competent international courts . There’s no other way out. The rest is aria buffa-theatrics.l

    • CA_Courier says:

      I don’t think you understand the meaning of Armenian words. Meds Yeghern is Genocide in Armenian, but we prefer the term genocide, so even ignorant people like you understand that it was genocide. Biden corrected Trump’s mistake. Don’t continue disgracing yourself with lies.

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