Trump’s Attack on Syria: Wrong for so Many Reasons

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2 Responses

  1. Carlo Hagopian says:

    I read with dismay your article that Trump shouldn’t have hit Syria. I couldn’t even read the whole article, because it was void of common sense.
    Did you see the intelligence report showing Syrian aircraft above the site when the chemical gas was dropped on the innocent people. The same gas that was dropped in 2013 where Assad admitted he dropped it and agreed to get rid of its chemical stockpile? So if he has used it before, what makes you think he was not the one who used it now.
    Also, you asked what right Trump has to hit Syria. How about moral outrage? Is that a foreign concept for you? I don’t know why Dashnags and some Armenians are on Assad’s side? He is a brutal dictator just like Saddam and Qadafi. Just because he has been good to minorities is not a good reason to be on his side, because he has suppressed and repressed his people for a long time along with his father

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