Turmoil in Turkey on Letter by Gulen Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

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  1. GulenIsAFraud says:

    How stupid …a letter that is over 50 years old somehow “poof” appears out of nowhere. While Gulens network in the USA like Faruk Taban president of Turkic American Council is on RECORD as blocking the Armenian genocide congressional recognition via bribes to Ex congressional house speaker Dennis Hastert and the other usual members of congress bribed with cash, lavish trips to Turkey and Azerbaijan . Hard to say what is more comical the so called letter or how Armenians push it out there as truth. Gulenists as a group will lie, cheat, blackmail, cajole, bribe to accomplish 2 things gaining POWER and MONEY. Murat the Chief of Staff for congresswoman Eddie ” Bernie” Johnson doesn’t recognize the Armenian Genocide and neither does Johnson.
    Interesting how Armenians are ” Good Gulen ….” Bad Gulen” depending on the Armenian Genocide recognition. 100% the Gulen movement fought tooth and nail against recognition. Arnenians hang too much on the recognition of the Armenian genocide. Before we know it they will honor 3rd grade educated Gulen with a Nobel peace prize .


    Gulen’s situation is not controversial. He is the head of the certain transnational crime organization which has been committing crimes against humanity and the fundamental human rights. This organization was not only the actor of the murders that have stayed in dark, including writers like Hrant Dink, in Turkey for nearly 40 years, also the actor of 15th July 2016 night coup attempt by shooting his own people, besides it had been the parallel state structure formed in the official state by dismissing all of the citizens who are not amongst themselves and by not giving even right to live in the state structure, and it caused widespread and systematic human rights violations against hundreds of thousands of people for years. The most unfavorable view today is that some countries see or try to show this organization as a moderate religious movement, and the intelligence services of these countries still allow the activities of this organization within their territories, primarily in the USA. Gulen, as the head of such transnational crime organization, nothing can be more natural for him than to show such hostile activities against Turkey. But the it should be known clearly and precisely that; while structuring in other countries such as in Turkey in the past, and as long as it is allowed to to execute its activities, this organization will knit its evil network in the same in the other countries too. After 40 years Turkey has been able to realize this fact. This situation is similar to the situation of Italy, which could not predict that the corona virus epidemic that started in China would happen to it and was caught off guard and lost many citizens.

  3. CA_Courier says:

    Erdogan was the closest ally of Gulen. Now you can shut up.

  1. May 21, 2020

    […] “”orhan tan – Your comment is awaiting moderation.””As a 24-year-old primary school graduate in 1965, Gulen, the leader of the terrorist organization, which is protected by the USA, how can enter the archive and write 176 pages of text? New ones are being added to purposeful Armenian lies. Harut Sassounians supports the liars as always.””           https://www.thecaliforniacourier.com/turmoil-in-turkey-on-letter-by-gulen-recognizing-the-armenian-ge… […]

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