We Should Worry More about Erdogan’s Dangerous Actions Than His Crazy Stories

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  1. Concerned Global Citizen says:

    This article was published a year ago. Today is 20-Jul-2016 and the entire world is seeing the true nature of Mr. Erdogan’s character. What is even worst is that the people in his country, if they question his actions will be rounded up. Terrible, Mr. Erdogan is using this coup…which I suspect was a set-up so that he could 0
    out-maneuver democracy and become the dictator he always wanted to be. Looks like another Syria being created in Turkey. I think any person who has too much power is dangerous. The people of Turkey should not be fooled and look at history and see how other dictators have come to power….Mr. Erdogan actions are from the text book of the history and makings of dictators.

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