Who is Responsible for Turning Erdogan into a Fanatical Tyrant?

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  1. Orhan Tan says:

    I entered that web site as the first time and was shocked with your emblem. Don’ t you obey the international agreements, such as Lauzanne, Moscow, Kars? The Agri Mountains belong to Turkey and will be Turkish for ever. The Armenian diaspora does not consider the Armenia citizens’ national interest which neccessiates friendly relations with Turkey.

  2. Shavarsh Gondakyan says:

    Ararat mountain (that you wrongly call Agri) belonged to Armenians for thousands of years and if you have stolen it for some time it doesn’t mean you will own it forever. Nothing will last forever (maybe only human stupidity).

  3. Varouj Mavlian says:

    These excerpts mentioned in this article by Erdogan and his right man Davutoglu clearly indicate that these men are intoxicated by economic success. They have show no statesman’s like nor politician like behavior in the international arena. Whom would you blame for their actions and behavior ? The west. In short,Turkey is the spoiled brat of the western powers.

  4. raffi says:

    agri dayi ,is turkish soil , if we take the logic of armenians thenwhite australia should bow and give up there claims of residance to the aboriginals .

    what about america make the white settlers pay and give up any claims back to the navaho indians

    what about the brits and falklands

    what about the french
    what about the spanish and what they did to the aztecs

    wakeup armenians please see the reality of your actions , had your ancestors not given all the unconditional support to the invading russions we wouldn’t be here debating , actually the Russians abandoned the armenians when they decided to turn back during there own internal civil conflicts ! the level of “support” that armenians gave were none existent with the soviets !!

  5. idiot says:

    Therels a social proverb which you will not find in any books around the world- If its felt that Islam is in danger ”alla ho akbar”.
    RECEP TAYYEP ERDOGAN has is a living proof of the above proverb who has started showing the colours of the devil hidden inside who inspite being from a civilised muslim world is supporting the terrorist group ISIS OR DAESH.
    He is a person or from those group of people who will eat in your platea nd on your table and break the same plate or destroy that table.
    The same is being done by him-Erdogan and his colleuge M Dovutoglu have done doing and continue to do so.
    The Americans supported osma bin laden to fight against soviet forces he turned on them, Turkish people were given a big place by russians by oil supply, free visa travel they are now turning on the russians by downing their planes.
    NATO is a stupid organisation to give TURKEY the membership of NATO!!!!!! They do not know how these white zencis are??????Only money and power do not make you cultured and gentleman???? it has to be in the gins of that human race or group. A day will come when he will also say that Islam has told us to fight against thr west!!!!!! He is a jackal in cows hide!!!!!

    Prez Obama and othEr western leaders should understand this and just cancel the membership of Turkey from NATO!!!!!!! It will be history repaet of IRAQ, and AFghanistan when some new osma bin laden will come out and attack thE west including USA!!!!!

    Awakw west awake Obama, Merkel, Putin, Hollande and others just drive away these terrorists like erdogan and DOVUTOGLU EVEN OUT OF EUROPEAN UNION. Turkey is a threat to the west as afterall its a Islamic nation!!!!! achtung achtung

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