Senate’s Adoption of Genocide Resolution Upsets Newly Elected Patriarch of Turkey

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  1. Glenn Franco Simmons says:

    “Truth, regardless of how painful it might be, is always a better foundation to build on than a foundation of myth and misinformation.

    “Children who learn the truth of the past will be better positioned to take preventative actions, form new relationships and build a proud future together.”
    ~ Chief Roy Crazy Horse

    Quoted from “The North American Genocide,” © Powhatan Press, 2002, Rancocas Indian Reservation, Rancocas, New Jersey, USA.

    Someday, Turkish and Armenian children everywhere, and those children whose heritage from both, will recognize The Armenian Genocide for what it was: a genocide.

    Nationalism is a cancer; it’s sad to see how it has metastasized in Turkey and other country. Don’t get me wrong. Love of one’s culture and country (a sane patriotism) is fine. It is the blind hatred, a spiritual malignancy, that nationalism fosters that is the danger to any free and open society.

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