Recall of Turkish Envoy Widely Publicized Pope’s Affirmation of Armenian Genocide

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3 Responses

  1. ulku bassoy says:

    “Dear Mr Pope,

    Well, it has been great theater with an excellent set and scenario on 12 April 2015, at St. Peter’s Basilica: Indeed, a pompous gala performance, after apparently well worked on colourful dress rehearsals: Amusing, grand act before weeping pews, President Sarkissian, alongside the Armenian Catholic patriarch, Nerses Bedros XIX Tarmouni, Armenian Christian Church leaders who sat (four of them !) in a place of honour(a “place of honour”-protocol- in God’s House!), and you as Pope Francis reattesting(!) the “Armenian genocide”- nothing more than slanting allegations and an international-imperialistic lie!
    Great ‘opera buffa’ of Rossini genre!

    And what a betrayal to ‘charity’!

    Nevertheless It was cunningly well devised for influencing the nearing verdict of the Grand Chambre of the ECHR as was the case for the European Parliament- cinema on 15 April.

    For all that it is of no avail: Jurisdiction, Mr Pope, is temporal, non celestial-fictional!

    Ülkü Başsoy

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